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Short-Duration Insurance

HOMEE and Coterie have partnered to give HOMEE Pros a better insurance option. Instead of spending time talking to agents and sitting through sales pitches, you can be covered with General Liability, on a per-project basis, all without leaving HOMEE!

Limits & Coverages

Liability & Medical Expenses





This limit provides coverage for you if you make a mistake that results in damage to your property or bodily injury.

Damage to Premises Rented to You



If a home or building that you have rented, leased, or is in your care, custody or control is damaged, you have coverage for property damage incurred.

Products Completed Coverage





Products completed coverage provides you coverage for any failure of completed services. For example, if you install a new pipe fitting to help fix a leaky sink and it is installed improperly, the resulting water damage would be covered under this coverage.

Medical Payments Coverage


This coverage pays for any medical expenses incurred by you if you or someone at the project location is injured as a result of your work. This is an expedited coverage that provides quick financial relief in response to an injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have multiple jobs going on at one time?

Not a problem as Coterie will issue you separate policies for each job. They will all share a $2,000,000 annual aggregate limit.

What happens to my coverage if I suspend my job?

Your coverage continues until the job is complete.

Are my tools covered if they are lost damaged or stolen?

No, they are not. Short-duration coverage protects you for instances of General Liability. For example, if you are sued because someone is injured as a result of your work you are covered.

What does short-duration General Liability cover?

Our short-duration policy protects you the same way that a regular General Liability policy would. You and your business are protected against claims of bodily injury or property damage up to $1,000,000 per incident. For example, if you are working in a customer’s home and they trip over an extension cord you have set up and they injure themselves, you would be covered up to your limits.

How does short-duration insurance work?

Short-duration insurance is a General Liability policy. It's the same insurance coverage that you are used to, just broken up into smaller chunks instead of an annual policy. Your coverage is written to cover only that job you are working on. When that job is completed, the coverage will end and your next job will have a brand new policy written specifically for it. All of your policies will share a $2,000,000 yearly liability limit.

How much does short-duration insurance cost?

The insurance premiums are based on a daily rate which can vary based on location and the type of work being completed. The daily rate is as low $4. The cost of your insurance is deducted from that job's earnings.

What if I leave my tools on a job site overnight?

Since coverage continues even when a job is suspended, you can leave your tools and materials overnight. Your policy will cover you if anyone trips over them and injures themselves, for example.

How do I sign up for short-duration insurance?

You can opt-in to short duration insurance through your HOMEE Pro app at any time. Just go to your profile and update your insurance information.n.

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